About e-Notes

  • This portal provides easy and hand-made notes of various topics related to ICT (Information and Communication Technology).
  • Easy notes of Artificial Intelligence for Class 9 and 10 as per the CBSE Curriculum.
  • CBSE adds a new additional or sixth subject for class 9 and 10 as "Artificial Intelligence".
  • Therefore, students of class 9 & 10 can get the class notes for "AI". Click here
  • Also, this portal provides notes of other topics like Computer Fundamentals, Computer Networking, Internet etc.

About Online Quiz Programme

  • The Quiz plays an important role to measure our knowledge strength in the fields of Logics, reasoning, computational, mental, decision making, languages, socio skills etc. just like playing.
  • To make it more efficient and effective, an online quiz takes place.
  • An Online Quiz proves as a helpful tool for building an overall development in the fields of their education.
  • Therefore, Our Online Quiz delivered many quizzes as per the age of the Registered User.
  • This Quiz provides an academic as well as unacademic knowledge to the users.
  • This quiz gives the chance to memorise their past and revise their present to build up knowledge for future challenges.
  • Also, to encourage the users to enhance the knowledge with playing quiz, we brought the special feature i.e. "Earn-Earn with playing" offer.
  • "Earn-Earn with playing" offer means Earn knowledge and Earn Reward Points with playing your favourite quiz.
  • To know more about the rules :-