What is an Ethics?

An Ethics are moral principles concerned with what is good for individuals and society.


An Ethics are the moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

Why is ethics important in life?

An Ethics provides a framework underlying our lives on a daily basis. It helps us to make decisions that create positive impacts and steering us away from unjust outcomes. Ethics guides us to make the world a better place through the choices we make. Ethics should be applies on every activities we are doing.

An example of ethics is a the code of conduct set by a business that must be followed.

What is an AI Ethics?

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AI Ethics is a system of moral principles and techniques intended to inform the development and responsible use of artificial intelligence technology

AI Ethics refers to the basic principles of AI system design that use the good code of conduct and produces the results.

In other words, Ethics means what is right and Unethical means what is wrong.

Why Ethics in AI are important?

We need to have ethics into a certain piece of technology with AI, is being developed. We need to monitor/check/police the outcomes of that specific piece of technology in order to fully understand its behavior and make sure that it's not violating our (human) moral principles.

Major challenges in AI

AI ethics are classified into two categories:
1. AI Bias
2. AI Access

1. AI Bias :

1. AI Access :