Domain : Big Data for AI

  1. Big Data / Data Collection : It is a process of identifying the various sources of data, collecting the data in the correct format or as per the requirements and preparing it for any specific AI model.

    Note: We need to ensure right data in correct formats with good quality for any AI model to be success.
    For example:- If we are making a weather prediction model using AI, we need to identify the parameters that defines weather such as temperature, humidity, etc. and the sensors from which this data can be collected and so on. Therefore, Predictive and forecasting models are completely dependent on the quality of data collected.

    AI can learn the patterns in the data to automate the tasks.
    For example:- Shopping Websites, Youtube, etc. uses predictive analysis to get the informations of what the users are actually looking for.

    Let us learn it with the help of activities :-
    1. AI enabled Duet: In this activity, you have to play a duet with the computer. So, just play some notes and the computer will respond to your melody.
      Click here to play "AI enabled Duet"
    2. Rock, Paper and Scissors: In this activity, the machine tries to predict the next move of the participant. It is a replica of basic rock, paper and scissors game where the machine tries to win ahead by learning from the participant’s previous moves.

      Click here to play "Rock, Paper and Scissors"
      Click here to play "Rock, Paper and Scissors"