Impact of AI

  1. Job Losses and Unemployment : Many says that AI adoption can increase the jobs and employment opportunities, but many says that it reduces the employment and takes many jobs from human being and many says there is no effect of AI on employment.

  2. Inequalities : By adopting AI, results in a reduction in the number of people required for particular jobs. It will definitely affect the economy and increase the gap in the economy hence increase inequalities.
  3. Civil Rights - Robot Rights : There may be chance of fight between civilians and Robots on their rights.

  4. Negative Adoptions : The negative minded community like hackers, terrorists and some other mafias can use this technology for some other purposes and misuses them.

  5. Black Box problem : The black box problem refers to the situation that is created by a system itself and the developer of system cannot resolve them.

Components of a good AI Policy

Good policy refers to the concerns which should be in consumer's favor. The following points can be considered as good AI policy:

  1. Transparent System : A transparent system refers to the guideline and system purposes should be very clear to its users. While collecting data the purpose and the detailed guide about what to be done with the data should be known to the users.

  2. Rights for data collection : When the data is collected by the AI system, it must be right to the data which the system is collecting. Without the collection of data, it cannot take the right decision for the user.

  3. Freedom of leaving the system : The user must have the freedom to leave the system. After using such system, if user want to leave the system, the freedom should be given to the users.

  4. Design : The system should be designed in such a manner that the data collection and purpose should be limited. This helps the users to stay and use the system in a good manner. The interface itself provides such controls to users.

  5. Rights for Data deletion : When the user leave the system, his data should be deleted. Also, Sometimes user requests to delete their data, it should be provided in the system itself.

Anti-Bullying with AI

Bullying is physical or verbal aggression that is repeated over a period and in contrast to meanness, involves an imbalance of power.

Sometimes, you might post somethingon social media or send emails which might contains some words or phrases which could be interpreted as bullying in nature. It may be happen due to typos, grammatical errors or misunderstood.

It is very important to recognize when bullying is happening.

AI can help to recognize texts or posts and match them with a particular output.

For Example :- A perceptron is a model or program that simulates human brain intelligence with the help of ANN (Artificial Neural Network) to recognize when bullying is happening.