Domains of Artificial Intelligence

To learn how AI is capable to do such complex tasks, Let us learn about three domains on which an Artificial Intelligence depends.

  1. Data (Collection of big data)
  2. Computer Vision (CV)
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  1. Data Collection : It is a process of identifying the various sources of data, collecting the data in the correct format or as per the requirements and preparing it for any specific AI model.
    For example:- If we are making a weather prediction model using AI, we need to identify the parameters that defines weather such as temperature, humidity, etc. and the sensors from which this data can be collected and so on. Therefore, Predictive and forecasting models are completely dependent on the quality of data collected.
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  2. Computer Vision (CV) : It is a process of capturing, processing and analysing real world images and videos to allow machines to extract meaningful informations from the physical world.
    For example:- Self-driving cars, facial recognition based tracking system with camera, image searchin shopping webs like Amazon, QR codes, Google lens, Snapchat filters, expression detection (Smile), virtual sports replay, medical imaging like MRI, AI-guides surgery etc.
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  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) : It is the ability of computer program to understand the human languages as it is spoken.
    For example:- Alexa, Google Assitant, Siri, cortona, Google Translator, Microsoft Translator etc.
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