3. Domain : Natural Language Processing for AI

Natural Language Processing (NLP) : "It is the ability of computer program to understand the human languages as it is spoken."
NLP is all about algorithms to understand and interpret speech and text which is natural language data.
Its goal is to build systems that can make sense of text and perform tasks like translation, grammar checking, or topic classification.

Some applications of NLPs are:-

  • Translation tools like Google Translator, Microsoft Translator.
  • Document Processors like Microsoft Word to check for grammatical and semantic errors of texts, Search auto-complete etc.
  • Personal Virtual Assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortona etc.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) used in call centres to handle support queries.
  • Voice text messaging
  • Spam filters in email
  • Related keywords on search engines
  • Knowledge based supports using Chatbots.
  • Social media monitoring Knowing what customers are saying on social media about a brand can help businesses.

Let us learn it with the help of activities :-

  • Mystery Animal: In this activity, the participant has to guess the animal by asking maximum 20 questions to AI. The animal randomly gets selected for each game by AI and the machine replies in either yes or no.
    Click here to play "Mystery Animal"

NLP uses two logics as discussed below :-

  1. Syntax-based Analysis : "Syntax means how the words are organized in a sentence in the proper order and using correct grammar so that they make sense."

    NLP needs to understand the structure of the sentence and breaks it down into multiple objects (words) to feed into the semantic analysis engine.

  2. Semantic Analysis : "Semantic means trying to understand the core intent of the sentence in order to reply appropriately."

    It involves applying computer algorithms to understand the meaning and interpretation of words and how sentences are structured.