1. Problem Scoping

Problem Scoping means selecting a problem which we might want to solve using our AI knowledge.

Problem Scoping is the process of identifing the scope the problem (like cause, nature or solution of a problem) that you wish to solve with the help of your project.

The process of finalising the aim of a system or project means you scope the problem that you wish to solve with the help of your project. This is "Problem Scoping".

4Ws Problem Canvas

The 4Ws Problem canvas helps you in identifying the key elements related to the problem. Let us go through each of the blocks one by one.

4Ws-Problem-Canvas on Quizmanthon.com

The “Who” block helps you in analysing the people getting affected directly or indirectly due to it. Under this, you find out who the ‘Stakeholders’ to this problem are and what you know about them. Stakeholders are the people who face this problem and would be benefitted with the solution.

Under the “What” block, you need to look into what you have on hand. At this stage, you need to determine the nature of the problem. What is the problem and how do you know that it is a problem? Under this block, you also gather evidence to prove that the problem you have selected actually exists. Newspaper articles, Media, announcements, etc are some examples.

Now that you know who is associated with the problem and what the problem actually is; you need to focus on the context / situation / location of the problem. This block will help you lookinto the situation in which the problem arises, the context of it, and the locations where it is prominent.

You have finally listed down all the major elements that affect the problem directly. Now it is convenient to understand who the people that would be benefitted by the solution are; what is to be solved; and where will the solution be deployed. These three canvases now become the base of why you want to solve this problem. Thus in the “Why” canvas, think about the benefits which the stakeholders would get from the solution and how would it benefit them as well as the society.

Problem Statement Template

After filling the 4Ws Problem canvas, you now need to summarise all the cards into one template. The Problem Statement Template helps us to summarise all the key points into one single Template so that in future, whenever there is need to look back at the basis of the problem, we can take a look at the Problem Statement Template and understand the key elements of it.

4Ws-Problem-Canvas on Quizmanthon.com