2. Domain : Computer Vision for AI

Computer Vision (CV) : "It is a process of capturing, processing and analysing real world images and videos to allow machines to extract meaningful informations from the physical world."

Some applications of CV are:-

  • Web : face recognition, object recognition, geolocalization, Google maps, Youtube - content categorization etc.
  • Smartphones : QR codes, face detection, Snapchat filters, Google Lens, Expression detection (Smile), Android lens blur, iphone portrait mode etc.
  • Medical imaging : MRI, assisted diagnosis, automatic pathology, AI-guided surgery etc.
  • Media : virtual sports replay, visual effects for film etc.
  • Insurance : claims automation, damage analysis, property inspection etc.
  • Health Care : analyzing health records, lab reports, x-ray images, etc.
  • Automobiles : Self driving cars etc.

Some Challenges using CV are:-

  • Privacy and Ethics :
  • Lack of explainability :
  • Deep Fakes :
  • Adversarial attacks :
  • Undesired situations : like for facial recognition, circumstances of lightening, expression, clothing on face etc.

Let us learn it with the help of activities :-

  • Emoji Scavenger Hunt: In this activity, machine initiates the game by showing an emoji. The participant is expected to show a similar object in-front of the camera while the machine keeps on guessing what is being shown to it.
    Click here to play "Emoji Scavenger Hunt"