3. Data Exploration

The interpretation of some useful information out of the data acquired for the project is known as Data Exploration.

Data Exploration is the process of visualisation of collected data in a graphical format for better understanding to build the aimed project.


After acquiring data, you must have noticed that the data is so complex to understand or to make some sense out of it.Therefore, we need to work some patterns out of it.
For example : If you go to the library and pick up a random book, you first try to go through its content quickly by turning pages and by reading the description before borrowing it for yourself, because it helps you in understanding if the book is appropriate to your needs and interests or not. Thus, to analyse the data, you need to visualise it in some user-friendly format so that you can:

  • Quickly get a sense of the trends, relationships and patterns contained within the data.
  • Define strategy for which model to use at a later stage.
  • Communicate the same to others effectively. To visualise data, we can use various types of visual representations.