Why an Artificial Intelligence ?

notes of Artificial Intelligence for class 9 and 10

Before going into the deep study of an Artificial Intelligence, Let us know some reasons of why to learn about AI :-
With the help of AI,

  • You can create such software or devices which can solve real-world problems very easily with accuracy such as health issues, marketing, traffic issues, etc.
  • You can build such Robots or machines that can work in hostile environment (unfriendly environment) where survival of humans can be at risk.
  • You can create your personal virtual Assistant, such as Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.
  • It opens a path for other new technologies, new devices, and new job Opportunities.

Goals of an Artificial Intelligence

Following are the main goals of Artificial Intelligence:-

  • The central goal of AI for computers to have
    • Reasoning
    • Knowledge
    • Planning
    • Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Perception
    • Ability to move or manipulate objects
  • Solve Knowledge-based tasks
  • Solve real world problems
  • Replicate/compete human intelligence
  • An intelligent connection of perception and action
  • Building a machine which can perform like a human intelligence do, such as:
    • Playing chess
    • Proving a theorem
    • Plan some surgical operation
    • Driving a car in traffic without driver
    • use as a military weapons during war etc.
  • Creating some system which can exhibit intelligent behavior, learn new things by itself, demonstrate, explain, and can advise/suggest to its user.