Relate to AI

Now, we all knows the importance of Artificial Intelligence that how an AI can do the works in smarter way. So why should we not applying an Artificial Intelligence in our lifestyle to make life easier, smarter, effective, impressive and interesting.

Just imagine and Try to draw...
Draw a floorplan of your dream home. Does it have a swimming pool or does it have a place for you to indulge in your favourite hobby Or if you like gardening.....
Do you have a garden indoors or outdoors? Where is your study room? ....

Imagine you can look down from above at all the spaces in your dream home. What does it look like? Draw it out!”

Here is the sample of Floor plan of Dream Home.

Artificial Intelligence notes

Well done!

Now, if you could design your home, what would your ideal home look like?
>> Would it have some unique features other than the existing Drawing Room, Kitchen, Bedrooms etc.?
>> Would it have a swimming pool?
>> A garden - indoors or outdoors?
>> A hobby corner?

Could you imagine, if your home could follow all your commands? Just try it.....!
Design a layout of a floor plan of your dream smart home. Include any gadgets or devices that you think will make it unique or “smart”.

Just Imagine,
How can an AI be useful for making your dream smart home